20th International Conference Applied Statistics 2024

In cooperation with the Statistical Society of Slovenia, we are organizing the jubilee, 20th Applied Statistics 2024 international conference.

The Applied Statistics 2024 conference will take place in Koper/Capodistria on September 23‒25, 2024.

More information is available on the conference homepage Participation is free for students. We also kindly invite you to submit summaries of conference papers.

We look forward to seeing you.

Applied Statistics 2024 Program and Organizing Committee


Dose reduction studies: how much of the treatment effect is lost?

A lecture of Biostatistical Center will take place on Thursday, 14th March 2024, at 11:00 in conference room of Faculty of Medicine (Vrazov trg 2). The lecture will be given by Prof John O'Quigley, PhD from University College London and US San Diego.

The Golden Plaque UL 2023 for prof. Maja Pohar Perme

Prof. Pohar Perme’s work is focused on the development of statistics in Slovenia. She is an outstanding educator who inspires her students with statistics and scientific research. She is a leading world expert in survival analysis, and the method named after her is the standard for analysing data of cancer registers. By securing the collaboration of biostatisticians in research she enhances the scientific excellence of researchers in medicine at the University of Ljubljana.


Jakob Peterlin, new PhD

Our researcher, Jakob Peterlin, successfully defended doctoral thesis on November 30th 2023. The title of his thesis is Goodness of Fit for Linear Mixed Models. His mentor was Assoc. Prof. Rok Blagus, PhD, and the co-mentor Asst. Prof. Nataša Kejžar. PhD


The best research achievements of University of Ljubljana 2023

As part of the University Week, the 10 most excellent research achievements of UL researchers in 2023 were announced. Among them is the co-authorship of Assoc. prof. dr. Rok Blagus, a colleague at IBMI, namely on an article in the field of medicine:

Shorter antibiotic treatment of early Lyme disease: a randomized open-label non-inferiority trial


Bor Vratanar, new PhD

Our young researcher, Bor Vratanar, defended doctoral thesis on November 27th 2023. The title of his thesis is Evaluating cancer screening programmes using survival analysis. His supervisor was Assoc. Prof. Maja Pohar Perme, PhD. 

About IBMI

Institute for Biostatistics and Medical Informatics (IBMI), formerly Institute for BioMedical Informatics (so still IBMI) was founded by the Faculty of Medicine as a result of a need for a unit which would perform, or coordinate, tasks related to data analysis and providing information, relevant for research in medicine. The programme of the institute, and its development, have been adjusting thorugh time to changes in financing and technological progress, but the basic aim remain the same: to support research in medicine. This is achieved through the following tasks:


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