The lecture of Lynne Billard: Sir Ronald A. Fisher and The International Biometric Society

The ceremony for the title of Honorary Member of the Statistical Society of Slovenia, which will be received prof. dr. Lynne Billard, University of Georgia, USA will be held on Thursday 11th June 2015 at 14 pm in the lecture hall B1, Biological Centre, Večna pot 111, Ljubljana.

After the ceremony the lecture Sir Ronald A. Fisher and The International Biometric Society will be given by the new Honorary Member.

Grant agreement for Artemida project

The European Commission announced the grant agreement preparation for the 1st phase of the ARTEMIDA project (H2020 WIDESPREAD-2014-1 TEAMING call) - Center of excellence for translational medicine, coordinated by University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Medicine). Data management work package is lead by ELIXIR Slovenia node where are active collaborators also IBMI bio(medical) informaticians. First phase will start on 1st June 2015. More on

An introduction to copulas and maxmin copulas

The next lecture at the Biostatistical Center will take place on Tuesday, 5/26/2015, at 1:00 pm at IBMI. The lecture shall be given by Nina Ružić, PhD from Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana.

Project ELIXIR-EXCELERATE for life-science data infrastructure

European infrastructure ELIXIR ( has been awarded €19 million from the EU to accelerate the implementation of Europe’s life-science data infrastructure over the next four years for the ELIXIR-EXCELERATE project. ELIXIR Slovenia node will actively participate via University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Medicine, IBMI and CFGBC) mainly in Training work package (leading e-learning task) and Capacity building work package (co-leaders) and via National Institute of Biology in work package Integrating Genomic and Phenotypic Data for Crop and Forest Plants - Use Case.

Center for Telehealth and e-learning (ZeUS)

At IBMI a new Center for Telehealth and e-learning (ZeUS) was formed. Center is responsible for coordination of professional and research activites in the fields of telehealth, telemedicine and e-learning. Centre's collaborators develop and maintain Faculty of Medicine's e-learning classroom ( Detailed info and news will be published on IBMI's website.

New habilitations at IBMI

In the last few months there have been three new habilitations at IBMI: Maja Pohar Perme and Lusa Lara became Associate Professors, Nataša Kejžar became Assistant Professor. A member of our research group Gaj Vidmar has become Associate Professor at the University of Primorska. Together with Professor Stare and Assistant Professor Blagus there are now six people at the Institute with teaching titles.

About IBMI

Institute for Biostatistics and Medical Informatics (IBMI), formerly Institute for BioMedical Informatics (so still IBMI) was founded by the Faculty of Medicine as a result of a need for a unit which would perform, or coordinate, tasks related to data analysis and providing information, relevant for research in medicine. The programme of the institute, and its development, have been adjusting thorugh time to changes in financing and technological progress, but the basic aim remain the same: to support research in medicine. This is achieved through the following tasks:


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