Control charts : Statistical tool with long-standing tradition and continuing application

Event Date: 
Tuesday, 21 February, 2017 - 13:00
Borut Pretnar, PhD

Control charts, statistical tool invented and initially used in the twenties of the past century, are briefly described. However, after ninety years of use they are still subject of intense development. New improved types of control charts are currently invented by creative application of mathematical foundations. Simultanously the application of control charts is extended to ever new business and professional fields including health care.

The highlighted aspects of control charts in the lecture are : 

  • their place in the context of technically and scientifically oriented statistics
  • their role in production of material goods (and in current extended use in business, service  and professional  fields), especially as means of process control in the context of quality management
  • formation and graphical construction of some concrete examples of traditional control charts, including an example in health care with actual relevance
  • brief description of some more recently developed control charts intended for specific use
  • description of some mathematical background of the working of control charts on a basic unsophisticated level. 

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